Square and Compass

The Great War 1914 - 1918

In September 1915 the Lodge decided to reduce the dues of all brethren serving with the Forces during the time of the war to one third of the annual amount; and in December 1916, individual subscriptions were taken from members to send a suitable present as a small reminder of happier days to all Brethren of the Lodge serving their King and Country.
Roll of Honour 1914 to 1918
Name   Regiment
Archie Alderdice   Australians
Samuel Black   Royal Army Service Corp
Robert J. Blakley   Royal Irish Fusiliers
Rennie Gray   Royal Irish Fusiliers
William Gray   Royal Irish Fusiliers
John Kane   Royal Irish Rifles
Alexander Seaton   Royal Irish Fusiliers
R.J. Seaton   Royal Irish Fusiliers
R.A. Shimmons   Royal Army Service Corp
Robert Stirling   Hussars
H.A. Whiteside   Iniskilling Fusiliers
David Pollock   Royal Irish Rifles
William Boyd   Irish Guards Killed in Action
Following the cessation of hostilities in November, 1918, the Brethren of the Newry District held a Victory Entertainment in the Newry Town Hall on the 21st March, 1919. In the same year the Freemasons of Newry contributed a sum of £500 to perpetuate the memory of the Brethren who made the Supreme Sacrifice in the Great War. This sum was handed to the Governors of the Masonic Schools.


Royal Army Service Corp

Royal Army Service Corp  

Royal Irish Fusiliers  

Royal Irish Rifles  
Iniskilling Fusiliers

Iniskilling Fusiliers  
Irish Guards Irish Guards