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Rules, Orders and Regulations late 1700's

In September 1787, ten brethren were initiated into the Sublime Degree of Sir Knight Templar by Clare Lodge No. 459. On the formation of the Knight Templar Encampment the following "Rules, Orders and regulatilations were draw up." Here are a few examples below, note the original spelling.
Rule Ye 2nd - That the members of this Incampent shall meet four times every year, that is to say on the first Saturday of February, the first Saturday in May, and the first Saturday of every Quarter.
Rule Ye 3rd - That the members shall meet at the hour of Six o'clock in the afternoon in Summer half year, and Five in the Winter.
Rule Ye 5th - That no person be past through the Secrets of Masonry from a Master Mason to a Knight - He first pays the Sum of 4s. 4d. to the Secretary for the use of the Lodge.
Rule Ye 10th - That no person shall pass through the Sublime Degree of Masonry in this Lodge who is a Known Gamster or Quarrelsome or a Drunkand or a Sabeth Braker or a -- Given or Cursing or any person given to a Bad Vice, Whatsoever that may or can bring scandle on the Craft.
Rule Ye 11th - That every member shall pay 6 1/2 d. every Lodge Knight 4d. and 2 1/2d. to the Box for support of the Lodge.
Rule Ye 12th - That if any Person Appears drunk in the Lodge or offers to make Beates or Whisper or Curse or Arguy Relidgon or Misscall any Brother or not Keep Silent after the first --- given by the officers he shall pay for the first fault 2d, for the 2nd 4d. for the third one shilling and on Refusal be --- out of the Lodge for 3 months and shall not again be admitted but by unaminous Ballad.
Rule Ye 14th - That if any Member shall absent Himself -- of Meeting he shall pay 1s. 1d. to the Box.

Bye Laws of Lodge 79

Every Masonic Lodge is strictly regulated by the Laws and Constitutions of The Grand Lodge of Ireland.

Law and Constitutions

In addition to these rules a subordinate Lodge has their own Bye-Laws which have to be conformed to by Lodge members.

Lodge Bye-laws