Square and Compass

Warrants issued and returned in the Newry area

Warrant No.

Warrant issued 6 Feb 1766 to John Darley; Robt. Carlile and And. Thompson, moved to Armagh 7th July 1796.

(Poyntzpass) Warrant granted 1st February 1810 to Frances Clark, Robt. Anderson and Jas. Walker. Cancelled in 1847.

(Richmond Lodge) Warrant granted 3rd May 1810 to Geo. Crozier, Jos. Benn and Hugh Jamison. Cancelled in 1835.
128 (Gibraltar Lodge) Attached to the 39th Foot, met in Newry during the years 1850 and 1851.

(Millvale) Warrant granted 6th January 1830 to Thomas Hall; John Kenny and John Anderson. Cancelled in 1870.
244 Attached to the 52nd Foot, met in Newry 1833.

(Rostrevor) Warrant granted 3rd February 1820 to Thos. Caldwell, Arth. Carroll and Robt. Stewart. Cancelled in 1835.

(Donaghmore) Warrant granted 5th August 1762 to John Walker; H. Corrigan and Mau. Cunningham. Cancelled in 1854.

(Carlingford) Warrant granted 16th February 1875 and cancelled in 1894. Named, The Clermont Lodge'.
322 Attached to the 29th Foot, met in Newry 1864.

(Killeavy) Warrant granted 16th February 1813 to John Farmer, Thos. McParlan and Thos. Raverty. Cancelled in 1894.

(Ballbought) Warrant granted 7th April 1775 to Richard Smyth; John Morgan and Jas. Cowan. Cancelled in 1835.

(Tullyherrin) Warrant granted 7th August 1783 to Jas. Strain; Jno. Murphy and Pat Gibson. Cancelled in 1822.

(Mullaghglass) Warrant granted 4th January 1789 to Wm. Halliday, Mich. McKay and Mich. O’Hara. Cancelled in 1875.

(Prince of Wales) Warrant granted 10th December 1789 to Mat. Campbell, Adam Rice and Thos. Byrne. Cancelled in 1854.

(The Wellington) Warrant granted 6th May 1802 to John Baird; Chas. Maines and Chris. Ross. Cancelled in 1830.

Warrant granted 1803 to Wm. Ferguson; Henry Spotswood and Laughlin McIntosh. Cancelled on 02/04/1818.

(Ballybot) Warrant granted 7th July 1803 to Thos. Magary; Peter Maginniss and Thos. McCleland. Cancelled in 1825.

The Warrant

A Lodge shall not be assembled without a Warrant or authority from the Grand Lodge, nor shall any individual be acknowledged or received as a Freemason who has not been initiated in a regular
Lodge. Such Warrant must be evident at every Communication of the Lodge, whether Stated or Emergency.

Various Lodge Seals

Lodge 18 seal Issued to Brothers, Jon. Seavor, Trevor Corry and James Searight who formed `Nelson Lodge No. 18' in Newry.
4th May 1809.
Lodge 23 Seal Issued to Brothers, Archibald Thompson, Bernard Casey, and Robert Hamilton who formed Union Masonic Lodge No. 23 in Newry. 1st of June 1809
Richmond No. 69 Seal Issued to Brothers George Crozier, Jos. Benn and Hugh Jamison who formed `Richmond Lodge No. 69’ in Newry. 3rd May 1810.
Ballybought Seal Issued to Brothers Richard Smyth; John Morgan and Jas. Cowan in Newry.
7th April, 1775.
Prince of Wales Seal Issued to Brothers, Mat. Campbell, Adam Rice and Thos. Byrne who formed `Prince of Wales Lodge' in Newry.
10th December 1789.